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myDentalHealth.net is a patient guide to dentistry written by registered dentists. By providing unbiased, research-based information, we hope the patient is better informed and more in control of their oral health and any treatments they may be considering. 

The site covers most areas of dentistry and includes a comprehensive listing of procedures performed by dentists. Information on whether you are a good candidate, as well as costs, appropriate expectations, recovery time, and the procedural steps involved, are all gathered together and presented in an organized manner. 

All content information is regularly reviewed and updated to include any recent dental advances.

Considering getting dentures? Complete or partial dentures are often used to replace missing teeth. There are other treatment options for replacing teeth though. Know your options, and what to expect in terms of comfort, function, and aesthetics. Read our guide to learn more
How to choose a dentist? Selecting a dentist best suited to meet your particular dental needs is essential for great dental care. Here is how to approach it >

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